Accountancy Services

Phoros Accountancy is uniquely positioned to service the demands of the internationally focused Financial Services professional.
Our tax and accountancy services range from the completion of a plain vanilla UK tax return for UK tax residents through to bespoke tax advisory work for a wide range of overseas tax jurisdictions including Australia, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.
Such individualized work regularly includes advising upon the structuring of both overseas property purchases and existing portfolios, including portfolios held within an IPP. Our experience enables us to utilise a wide range of planning tools including Foundations, Dutch BV and CVs, Trusts and Special Purpose Vehicles. This experience, coupled with careful planning in advance of attaining tax residency in a particular jurisdiction can significantly reduce exposure to local income, capital, estate and wealth taxes.

We place a huge emphasis upon the quality of our staff by only recruiting those who understand the culture and expectations of our clients, have a genuine interest in the financial services sector, are politically attuned and can work within a collegiate atmosphere. All clients are appointed a dedicated relationship manager and 24/7 contact details.
Our accountancy managers are normally qualified to provide advice for at least one additional jurisdiction. This is of particular help for those of our clients who plan to leave the UK at a future point; such clients having often accrued UK centric interests ranging from international Pension Plans, stock options and employments trusts, through to UK property and LLP memberships.
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